Busy Brains

Excellent Experiments

There are lots of cool science experiments to do at home on the tes website using things you might have at home.


Bonnie Beasts of Scotland

If you are an animal fan you might like to know more about the animals that live around us here in Scotland. There is loads of brilliant information and amazing activities on the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland site.


BBC Bitesize

If you’re enjoying getting your school work done and want to fit a bit of extra study in, the BBC have developed new programmes which will support all the fab things your schools are organising. You can view these at https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize

Family History

We’re spending lots of time with some of our family and not seeing others. Now could be the time to investigate your family tree. You could phone family members you’re not seeing to ask about your family history but don’t just include names and dates! Ask for stories, events and special things your family remember. Your family might even be able to share photographs with you for you to include.

Hogwarts At Home

You can bring the magic of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to your home.  

There are so many different things to do here that it will definitely keep your brains busy.


Language Count

Learn to count to ten in another language.

Google to find different languages to test yourself.

See how you many you can learn!

Alphabet Antics

Try to say the alphabet backwards! You can challenge your whole family. 

Once you’ve got it mastered you can time yourself and get as fast as possible!

Be a Scientist

Choose an interesting science topic and research it. You could create a presentation for your family or if you can film it, send it on to us and your school. 

We know they’d be super impressed, and we’d love it!

Our World

Take some time out to learn about the natural world with National Geographic Kids  There’s loads of fun, facts, information and quizzes to complete.


Creative Cooking

Look at the food you have at home and see if you can make up or research a recipe using the things you have. You might like to look at this website www.bbcgoodfood.com/ for some ideas or if you have any cookery books at home you could investigate them.

Complete a Quiz

These sites have online quizzes to keep you learning and thinking!



Knot You

Find a piece of string, wool or rope and learn to tie some knots. They’ll come in very handy when we’re all back out at Forest Fun!


Animal Antics

Join the people at Chester Zoo for lots of educational activities about their animals. You can go wild with all the information on here!


Garden Graph

You will need: Paper, pens, pencil, ruler

Draw up a table similar to the one in the picture using a pen or pencil and a ruler.

You can choose any birds, bugs or animals you think you might see in your garden or if you go for a daily walk and draw pictures of these in the first boxes.

Over Spring Break, make a tally mark each time you see one of your chosen birds, bugs or animals. At the end you can count them up and find out how many you’ve seen!