Get Arty

Important Posters

Lots of us at the moment want to find ways to thank everyone who works in the NHS. To help us do this, lots of artists have donated their time and created colour in posters for us to celebrate doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and all the other staff. If you’d like to colour one of these you can find them at

Paint A Place

Draw or paint a favourite place. It could be somewhere you like going to play or that you’ve been on holiday. You can look at your picture until you get a chance to go there again.

Aardman Animations

If you’ve ever fancied being an animator there’s lots to learn here! The home of Sean the Sheep, Wallace and Gromit and Morph will show you how it’s done.

Colour Wheels

Make a colour wheel using things around the house. Find things of a similar colour and group them together to make a super cool circle!

Set Sail

Use some junk to make your own boat.

Fill your sink or bath and see if your boat will float!


If you’re lucky enough to have a camera, a phone which takes pictures or someone in your family does, you could do a spot of photography. You might like to take pictures of the things in your house, activities you’re doing or you could set up the people or pets in your house to photograph. Try it at different times of day and you’ll discover how light impacts your pictures.

Design a Dress

Or a football strip or any outfit you like! Think of somewhere you’re looking forward to going when we’re all out and about again and draw yourself something to wear.

Make a Rainbow

Lots of us are putting rainbows in our windows to cheer ourselves and those who live near us up. Use whatever you have – pens, crayons, paint or coloured paper to make your own rainbow and display it.

Paper Chains

Use old magazines or leaflets in your house to make a paper chain. Just cut them up into even strips and join with cellotape, glue or a stapler, looping each one through the one before. You can you them to decorate your room or other parts of the house.

Rainbow Flowers

You will need: Paper, coloured paper (or white paper you can colour in), scissors, pencil, circle to draw round – a coin, small cup, or small cellotape to use as a template, pens, glue/cellotape or double sided tape

Use your template to draw out circles in a variety of colours and cut them out. Fold them in half to create your petals. Draw out your stem or stems on your paper and arrange the petals into flowers, sticking them down with glue, cellotape or double sided tape.