Things To Play​

Build Your Own Toy

Use any kind of construction toys or junk to build yourself a new toy. Think a cardboard box robot, a lego garage or construction straw rocket. See how many games you can play or you might even like to make something for a brother or sister to enjoy. 

Cut A Jigsaw

Find a picture at home. It could be a page from a magazine with a large picture or you might be able to print one out. Use scissors and cut your picture up trying to make jigsaw shaped pieces. Leave it a while so you forget the shapes you’ve cut. Now challenge yourself or someone else to put the picture back together!

Build a Den

Ask a grown up if you can use blankets, covers, table cloths to build yourself a den. 

You can do this indoors round the furniture or if you’re lucky enough to have a garden you can build one outside!

Build a Mini Den

Take a toy and use things around your house or garden if you have one to make it a den. 

You might like to make lots of rooms or have lots of toys living together!

Scavenger Hunt

Ask a grown up or brother or sister to write a list of things for you to find around the house or if you have one, a garden.

Try to collect all the items and get the person who wrote your list to check them!

Music Makers

Get a band together! If you have any musical instruments in the house now is the time to practise, practise, practise! If not, find things at home you could make music with. 

It could be pots and pans, plastic tubs, cups and spoons and remember you can always use your voice.

Kim’s Game

Ask someone else at home to gather 10-20 items on a tray. Try to memorise these before asking your playing partner to remove one (you can’t look!). 

You should now try to guess the missing object. 

This is a great game to play with your family, taking it in turns to remove items.

Mini Garden

You will need: A container to make your garden in, natural materials from your garden or outdoor space, bits and pieces from home if you like!

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or some outdoor space you can build a mini garden. You’ll need a container like a paper plate or an old ice cream or vegetable tub. Gather items like stones, grass, moss, sticks and flowers from the outdoors and use them to build your own mini garden. You might also like to include a toy or some bits and pieces from home (check with a grown up first!) to complete your garden.