Pencil And Paper

Wallpaper People

Ask a grown up if you have any rolls of unused wallpaper at home that you can use. It needs to be plain on one side. Draw round each person in your house from biggest to smallest to record your family as you are right now! Be sure to add the date. If you don’t have any wallpaper you can do the same activity but draw round everyone’s hands on a normal sized piece of paper.

Colour with Quentin

Illustrator Quentin Blake has made six super colour ins available. These are free to download and print so get your pencils out and go for it!

Draw Along

The brilliant illustrator Rob Biddulph, has set up ‘draw-along videos’ you can watch and then draw fabulous pictures! You’ll need paper and a pencil and pens or crayons if you want to add colour. 

You can see these at 

Flying Games

Make a paper plane and see how far it will fly! You can try different designs and test them. There are loads of great suggestions and instructions at this website

Perfect Portraits

Make a pencil drawing of one of your friends or family. 

You could post it to them or take a photo and send it on.

Excellent Origami

Head to this site for some simple origami you can do with just some paper and a pencil to add details.

Draw Along 2

Illustrator Wendy McNaughton will be hosting a draw-a-long every school day 10-10.30am on Instagram Live.

You can find her at

Monster Making

This draw-and-fold game can be really funny! Take a piece of paper and a pencil. The first person draws a head, folds the head away and then passes on the paper. The next person draws the body, and folds. The next person draws the legs, and folds… etc. After drawing the feet, it’s time to unfold and reveal your monster creation!

Colour In for Project 31

You will need: A print out, pens, pencils, crayons or paint and brushes

This brilliant bear colour in has been designed especially for Project 31 by Little Pink Co. If you’re able to print at home, print a copy and colour in using pens, crayons, pencils or paints. We’d love to see your finished version! If you can’t print at home we’ll make these available as soon as possible!