Keep Moving


If you have a garden with a path or a safe path nearby you could chalk out a game of hopscotch. All you need is a small stone or toy to throw and see how far to hop!


Pick a favourite piece of music and choreograph your own routine. If you’re using video calls to keep in touch with friends you might even like to make up a special dance with one of them that you can make up and perform together. 

Keep Dancing

Keeeeeep dancing with Strictly Come Dancing’s Oti Mabuse. She is posting brilliant classes for kids which are great fun and will keep you fit. Tune into her YouTube channel to join in.

The Nation's PE Teacher

Joe Wicks will keep your PE lessons going each morning at 9am. They’re great fun and could get you and your families up and moving each day! You can find them at

Classes are available after on the same channel if you have a lie in and miss out😉

Tape Track

Ask someone at home to make you a track to follow on the floor or on a garden path if you have one. They could use chalk, masking tape, string, thread or wool to mark out a route for you to follow. The more zig zags the trickier it will be!

Personal Trainer

Be the personal trainer – make up a fitness routine for the people you live with remembering to warm up and down. You might need to move some furniture before teaching it to everyone but you’ll be helping the whole family stay fit!

Sockball Basketball

Roll some socks into a large ball and shoot them into something you can use as a hoop – a clean bin, laundry basket or empty box would be ideal (check with a grown up what you can use!). Try shooting from different distances and challenge your family!